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Novus Group President Ron Alvarado speaks about Novus’ focus on helping individuals leverage their skills, experience, education and aspirations to find the ideal career opportunity. With host Christopher R. Evans.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have selected Ron Alvarado, President and Founder of Novus Group, LLC, as the recipient of the NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award – Read The Award

Novus President, Ron Alvarado, talk about the “Inflection Point Report” and the region’s growing Latino community. Watch now…

Novus President, Ron Alvarado, and Novus Training Solutions’ Director Ed Barr, talk about the Allegheny Conference’s “Inflection Point Report” and what we need to do to keep the “World’s Best & Brightest” in Pittsburgh. Watch now…

Novus President, Ron Alvarado, talks about Pittsburgh’s growing Latino community. Listen now

Novus President, Ron Alvarado, featured in “Needed-Commitment to Diversity” article. Read more